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Nedgroup Life
Old Mutual
Allan Gray
Fairbairn Capital
Liberty Group


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Ways to reduce your life insurance rates

very expensive being alive. But it seems planning around death can also be costly. While you certainly want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the best possible way should you die, you don’t want that monthly life insurance commitment to impinge negatively on the life you are living now. So how do you get the best outcome on your policy while at the same time reducing monthly expenses without changing the way you live?

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Verifi Competition Terms and Conditions

The competition is open to South African Citizens only, over the age of 18.You may enter and request a portfolio again if your last request was before 1 April 2019. Applications received after 1 April 2019 are not eligible to enter the competition. The cash prize may be taken in full, or a portion thereof.

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Life Insurance: don’t muddle through misconceptions

Life insurance is not usually a hot conversation topic. It’s rather like a vaccination – you know you’ve got to have it, but you don’t bother to talk about it. And yet without it, your family could face financial ruin.

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