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Five Must-Have Insurance Policies

For some people insurance is a complicated necessity and they keep their contributions to a minimum. Others over compensate and tend to insure everything landing up with sometimes more than one life insurance, as well as some unnecessary ones such as: flight insurance, insurance on outstanding credit card balances, or insurance on appliances.

However, a good balance is to look at those insurances that, depending on your occupation and lifestyle, have real value in today’s modern world. There are five insurances you should carry to ensure peace of mind and compensation for life’s more likely events.

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What if there's policy waiting for you?

The Verifi Story

Verifi was launched by Springpoint Finance, a national independent brokerage, specialising in tailormade long-term insurance and wealth management. 

We developed as a unique and completely FREE online tool to assist us with ascertaining our client’s needs from the get-go, allowing our capable team of telephonic Financial Advisors to review, advise on and identify the best possible portfolio, based on the individual needs of our clients.

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