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What does Technology have to do with YOUR Finances?

The financial services industry has a duty to ensure that clients receive the best advice with regard to policies, investments and insurance products in an often-volatile market. However, over the last few years the latest technology has offered options and benefits that have enhanced systems and created faster and more efficient services.

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When a Will is Contested

To quote an oft repeated logic: everyone should have a Will. Once you start working and earning money, have investments and…

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What if there's policy waiting for you?

The Verifi Story

Verifi was launched by Springpoint Finance, a national independent brokerage, specialising in tailormade long-term insurance and wealth management. 

We developed as a unique and completely FREE online tool to assist us with ascertaining our client’s needs from the get-go, allowing our capable team of telephonic Financial Advisors to review, advise on and identify the best possible portfolio, based on the individual needs of our clients.

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