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What does Technology have to do with YOUR Finances?

The financial services industry has a duty to ensure that clients receive the best advice with regard to policies, investments and insurance products in an often-volatile market. However, over the last few years the latest technology has offered options and benefits that have enhanced systems and created faster and more efficient services.

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When a Will is Contested

To quote an oft repeated logic: everyone should have a Will. Once you start working and earning money, have investments and…

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Five Must-Have Insurance Policies

For some people insurance is a complicated necessity and they keep their contributions to a minimum. Others over compensate and tend to insure everything landing up with sometimes more than one life insurance, as well as some unnecessary ones such as: flight insurance, insurance on outstanding credit card balances, or insurance on appliances.

However, a good balance is to look at those insurances that, depending on your occupation and lifestyle, have real value in today’s modern world. There are five insurances you should carry to ensure peace of mind and compensation for life’s more likely events.

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