Your verifi report will include information from the following companies:
Nedgroup Life
Old Mutual
Allan Gray (Manco & LISP)
Fairbairn Capital
Liberty Group Limited


Will I be able to obtain information about all my insurance and investment policies via Verifi?

Verifi will provide details of all the life insurance and investment policies you hold with the major South African life insurance companies. This includes the following types of life insurance and investment policies:

•    Guaranteed Return policies
•    Voluntary Annuities and Income Plans
•    Whole Life policies
•    Structured products
•    Any other policy with a surrender value
•    Investment policies with no surrender value

Verifi does not provide information about short-term insurance policies.

What company is behind Verifi?

Verifi is promoted by a company called Springpoint Finance (Pty) Ltd.

Will Verifi provide advice or assist with the acquisition of life insurance and investment policies?

No. Verifi is simply an online tool that provides information about your existing life insurance and investment policies. Verifi does not in any way attempt to offer advice with regard to these, or any other, financial products.

Once you have received your report from Verifi, you will be contacted by an FSCA-registered Financial Planning Expert, who will be able to offer appropriate advice and assistance with regards to your life insurance portfolio. The Financial Services Provider can offer appropriate advice on the purchase of appropriate insurance products to suit your requirements.

You are under no obligation to accept the advice or services of the Financial Services Provider.