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Find Your Forgotten Policies and Navigate Financial Strain: A Quick Guide


As we step into the new year, the aftermath of holiday spending can leave many feeling financially strained. It’s a critical time to not only rediscover forgotten insurance policies but also explore avenues like premium holidays to provide temporary relief. This quick guide will take you through the process of finding lost policies, understanding premium holidays, and ensuring your financial well-being.


The Odd Reality of Forgotten Money:

It may seem odd, but millions sit in unclaimed and forgotten insurance policies. Whether due to policyholders losing touch, passing away without leaving records, or emigrating without notifying insurers, valuable funds remain untapped.


Checking Yourself: Precautions You Should Take:

  • Regularly update personal and contact details with insurance providers.
  • Confirm beneficiaries and their contact details during updates.
  • Maintain a list of policies with your will and share this information with a trusted executor or advisor.


Understanding Premium Holidays:

A premium holiday allows policyholders to temporarily suspend premium payments without jeopardising coverage after the holiday.

Eligibility and conditions for a premium holiday may vary between providers and policies.

How to Inquire about Premium Holidays:

  • Contact your Financial Advisor promptly to inquire about the possibility of a premium holiday.
  • Understand the terms and conditions associated with the premium holiday.

Benefits of a Premium Holiday:

  • Immediate financial relief by skipping premium payments for a month or more.
  • Policy continuity is maintained in most cases..

Tips for Exploring Premium Holidays:

  • Review policy terms regarding premium holidays and clarify any potential impacts.
  • Explore alternative solutions and adjust coverage or payment plans if necessary.


In the quest to unearth forgotten policies and navigate financial strain, requesting a report from a trusted platform like Verifi is paramount. By staying informed about premium holidays, understanding policy terms, and exploring available resources, you can ensure that your financial well-being is safeguarded, even in challenging times. Take the initiative to rediscover lost funds and explore options that provide the financial flexibility you need.


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