Your verifi report will include information from the following companies:
Nedgroup Life
Old Mutual
Allan Gray (Manco & LISP)
Fairbairn Capital
Liberty Group Limited

The Verifi Story

What if there's policy waiting for you?

Verifi was launched by Springpoint Finance, a national independent brokerage, specialising in tailormade long-term insurance and wealth management. 

We developed Verifi.co.za as a unique and completely FREE online tool to assist us with ascertaining our client’s needs from the get-go, allowing our capable team of telephonic Financial Advisors to review, advise on and identify the best possible portfolio, based on the individual needs of our clients.

How we add value

As an added value, we are able to check your existing portfolio to ensure your personal information, as well as your beneficiaries, are correctly recorded. This comes with the added benefit of finding out whether you may have any unclaimed long-term policies (either as the direct policyholder or as a beneficiary) – something that could truly be life-changing information, should it so happen that you have an unclaimed policy.

We are also able to compare rates and establish whether you are paying too much on your current portfolio, and we are able to provide you with a wide selection of industry-related products designed specifically for future security, health and wealth.

For your peace of mind, we will only contact you if we have identified an opportunity to add real value to you.

Our financial service offering is diverse, but at no point during the Verifi process, are you under any obligation to make use of our financial services, and you will still receive your comprehensive FREE report, irrespective of whether you make use of our extended financial services.

Learn more about Springpoint Finance, a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP No.43870).

For your free Verifi report on your existing policies, visit and complete the form at: https://www.verifi.co.za/